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Simplifying Reverse Proxy Management with Kubernetes Ingress Controller and Cert-Manager

Introduction While discussing reverse proxies with a colleague who was building out his home lab with Docker, the topic of SSL certificates and proxies came up. I mentioned that I use Kubernetes, cert-manager, and Let’s Encrypt to manage these components. However, this made me consider the fact that although most of my services are hosted within Kubernetes, there are still some that run on other platforms, including bare-metal. As a result, I began to wonder if I should configure NGINX Proxy Manager or Traefik on Docker to manage certificates for these external services.

Hosting a blog with hugo on Azure - For Free!

Introduction Hugo Hugo is a popular open-source static site generator that allows you to create fast and flexible websites. It is built with performance in mind and uses Go templates to generate static HTML files from templates and content files. One of the key benefits of using Hugo is its simplicity and ease of use. It has a minimal learning curve and allows you to quickly create and publish content using simple markdown files.

Maximizing Productivity and Collaboration with Github

Introduction As a DevOps engineer, managing code repositories and collaborating on projects is a critical part of my day-to-day job. Both GitHub and Azure DevOps are popular platforms that offer a range of tools and features for managing code repositories and collaborating on projects. However, for me, GitHub stands out as the better choice for several reasons. In this post, I’ll be discussing some of the key features and benefits of using GitHub, as well as how it compares to Azure DevOps, and why I ultimately decided to go with GitHub.

Loops with Terraform

Introduction Loops are a powerful tool in any programming language, and Terraform is no exception. They allow you to repeat a set of instructions multiple times, potentially with different values each time. This can be very useful for creating multiple similar resources in Terraform, such as a set of identical EC2 instances or S3 buckets. To use loops in Terraform, you can use the count argument, which allows you to specify the number of times a resource should be created.